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First Ministry Awareness takes a creative non-intrusive approach to sharing the gospel in a way that piques the curiosity of kids. This gives adult believers the opportunity to witness confidently and nurture children spiritually.

Giving is the first evidence to a child that someone values them.   For the believer, it’s impossible to separate giving from living.
Whether a child is a visual learner or an active learner, First Ministry Awareness Prayer Timers and Kingdom Cash help adults introduce any child to the Kingdom of God on earth in the spirit of love.

Every adult believer is a minister with power and authority to put 1,000 to flight. No matter what situation a child is facing--in church, out of church--in school out of school--fatherless or homeless—each needs to experience the saving grace of our Lord and Savior.
Our Prayer Timers and Kingdom Cash are designed for three purposes:

  • Firstly to teach the six sections of the Lord’s Prayer, as Christ taught us to pray

  • Secondly, to teach the principle of seedtime and harvest through the uses of Kingdom Cash

  • Thirdly, teaching our children that rewards come when we pray

With these two tools, we can develop young disciples, starting in our own homes, just as Joshua proclaimed, “as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.”   If we want our children to be able to confidently share the gospel with their peers, it starts with a family practicing their faith.   Assisting parents in ministering to their own children is the inspiration behind the innovative product line of First Ministry Awareness. It is our hope to reach all generations with the gospel of Jesus Christ without compromise. This is the time for household salvation.

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